Collection: SiR

There's nothing that quite feels like summer, and that's exactly the vibe that SiR captures on his new album. Chasing Summer is the third project to date from the R&B impresario born Sir Darryl Farris, and marks his first release under the partnership between Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) and RCA Records.

This album follows his 2018 debut LP in November — which also served as his coming-out party on the roster of TDE. SiR is wasting no time in expanding his lovingly languid and sensual sound. Even in the constantly-innovating genre of R&B, SiR has stood head and shoulders above his peers, and Chasing Summer showcases the artistry that elevated him to the position he currently holds. Since his sophomore album release sir has continued to drop singles such as “Satisfaction,” “Nothing Even Matters,” and “Life is Good” featuring Scribz Riley.